Remember the days when VMWare ESXi was only for the machines in HCL ? or the whiteboxes - some machines that were having the right hardware, compatible enough that it was working with ESXi.

Well, those days are over. Turns out (as suspected) that the mighty ESXi is nothing more than a stripped down linux kernel with the vmware server on top of it. Of course there is lots of integration - maybe parts of it run in kernel space instead of user space now. But at the end of the day, it’s still a linux kernel, so using the vmware toolchain, some kernel sources, and a bit of experience (cause nothing is 100% documented), you get to compile your own drivers.

Here is how: (thank this guy for me)

The same is true for ESXi 5 and 5.1. So if you have that rare SATA 3 controller that would do wonders with an SSD, just compile a driver for vmware and get it up and running. Rule of thumb: If there are drivers for linux, it will definitely work in VMWare.

Let me know how this goes for you ;)

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Mircea Danila Dumitrescu is a highly technical advisor to startups, CTO, Entrepreneur, Geek, Mentor, Best AI Startup Winner, who previously ran multiple complex systems with billions of records and millions of customers.