RomanianIT interview

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Cristina from RomanianIT.

Romanian IT is is the global community of Romanian In tech, consisting of over 1500 entrepreneurs and tech professionals. During a series of interviews, we aim to promote the success stories of Romanians in tech from all over the world. This article is dedicated to Mircea Danila Dumitrescu, the leader of the Romanian IT London community and Co-founder & CTO @ StatusToday.

A tech geek who is also business oriented and finds himself in a relentless struggle between the two, Mircea is a Romanian entrepreneur who moved to London a few years ago. An excited father to be and, as a result, an incurable idealist, he’s a risk taker, a high achiever, and a pragmatic and perfectionist business man.

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Mircea Danila Dumitrescu

About the author

Mircea Danila Dumitrescu is a highly technical advisor to startups, CTO, Entrepreneur, Geek, Mentor, Best AI Startup Winner, who previously ran multiple complex systems with billions of records and millions of customers.