SYMFONY 2.1.3, PHP 5.4, NEO4J 1.9M01 AND UBUNTU DEV 12.10

Thought of blabbing about some of my frustrations and curiosities. Isn’t this what everyone else and their cousin is doing these days?

Spent an hour setting this up (see title). APC is especially broken, so please compile with experimental memory protection ON if you don’t want your php to crash randomly. Weird, given that the experimental bit is supposed to be the unstable one.

Got to say that symfony 2.1.3 still rocks. Other than that, I am digging deep into neo4j. Seems the perfect tool for social … stuff (connections, graph api implementation, verbs, you name it).
Anyway, I am planning some sort of test with mysql/mongodb and neo4j synchronisation within a funny nano blogging website. Will see what this turns into.

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Mircea Danila Dumitrescu is a highly technical advisor to startups, CTO, Entrepreneur, Geek, Mentor, Best AI Startup Winner, who previously ran multiple complex systems with billions of records and millions of customers.