... so Microsoft impresses us again

Yes. It’s an Internet Explorer hole. Across all versions and operating systems.


Why am I not impressed ?

Does it matter how much money you throw into IE ?

Does it matter how good the programmers are ?

Does it matter what your market share is ?

To quote Chris Rock … “Not really” :)

What matters is writing open source software: Firefox, Chrome, Safari. This way it gets reviewed by your peers like a scientific paper.

What I found hard also is having the guts to just break compatibility all together with previous versions and launch something new, that is not kept back by previous versions limitations. E.g. strange MS HTML tags and properties they have since version 4.0 or so.

Anyway, check this out and try not to get infected, as it seems that the beast is already in the wild.


About the author

Mircea Danila Dumitrescu is a highly technical advisor to startups, CTO, Entrepreneur, Geek, Mentor, Best AI Startup Winner, who previously ran multiple complex systems with billions of records and millions of customers.